What’s it all about?


Everyone, no matter their age, can effect change and make a difference to others.  

This year Woman’s Way celebrated its 55th birthday and we believe that is age is truly just a number. To highlight our commitment to empowering people of all ages, this year we launched a new weekly series 50 Over 50; an initiative that will honour the incredible, vital and necessary work and achievements undertaken by so many living in Ireland.

 In each issue we will showcase people who are continuing to make their mark in their chosen field and in public life. We’ll be speaking to men and women from the arts, literature, sport, television, science and more, about their lives and why living your best life can happen at any stage. Our interviewees are those who strive in their professions, who make a difference to those around them and who aren’t letting something as trivial as age be a barrier in achieving goals.

 Being over 50 is something to be celebrated – and that’s what Woman’s Way intends on doing.



Michelle Newman