The magic of trees


Since the time of the ancient Celts and druids, trees have been seen as a symbol of spiritual and magical importance.

Since the time of the ancient Celts and druids, trees have been seen as a symbol of spiritual and magical importance. Trees were believed to have wise spirits living inside them who could help heal, predict the future and more. For the druids, naturally occurring groves of trees were considered scared spaces and it was here they carried out their worship and rituals.

In modern times, trees are still recognised for their amazing properties. They give us fresh air, being in nature melts stress away and trees have contributed to modern medicine (the painkiller aspirin comes from the willow tree).

Working with trees is a fantastic way to attune to the cycles of nature. Here are some simple ways that you can start making tree magic of your own.

Soak up the energy – The easiest way to make tree magic is to attune with the energy of the tree. Find a tree that can help you with your specific purpose (for example, you might sit beneath an apple tree if you’re trying to bring love into your life – see the tree correspondences for more information). Sit beneath the tree (or hug it). Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. See if you can sense anything. At this point you may feel a warmth or a sense of deep relaxation. When you feel ready, ask the tree for its help. Tell it your problems and then ask for its assistance. When you feel ready, thank it and open your eyes.

Make a wish – Write your wish on a piece of biodegradable paper and bury it in the soil next to a tree. Often in rural areas, near wells or other sacred sites, you’ll see ribbons tied to the branches of a tree. This is another way of making a wish, just make sure you return and remove the ribbon once your wish has come true.

Carry the wood with you – Visit a tree that corresponds to the issue you’d like help with and see if you can find a piece of its wood (a fallen branch, a twig etc.) and carry this wood with you to allow the magic into your life. Please note – Never cut or break wood from a tree. As trees are considered sacred, cutting or breaking wood is said to bring bad luck.

Craft a wand – Wands are used to direct energy and are fantastic for healing and making wishes. Why not make your own? Before you go for a walk in a woodland area, ask the universe to send you the perfect wand. Continue with your walk and keep your eyes peeled for a special piece of wood – you’ll know it when you see it. Once you’ve found it, bring it home and hold it every time you want to make a wish. You may like to decorate it with crystals or by carving symbols into it.

Catherine Devane