The art of candle burning


We burn candles for comfort, for healing, for special intentions, while praying and for many other things. But have you ever paid attention to the flame of the candle after you’ve put in your request or set your intention? You might notice that sometimes the flame is bright, sometimes it’s dull. The flame can flicker or blow out suddenly for no reason. Paying attention to the flame can tell you so much about the request or intention you’ve just placed; whether it will be successful or not, whether you need to take further action or whether you need to put your focus elsewhere. The next time you light a candle, use the following guide to decide the extra information being sent your way.


A Candle Ritual

You will need: 

1 candle (tapered or tea light) in a colour that reflects your request
A lighter or a match


1. Begin by setting up your candle in a secure holder. Put it in a safe place where it can burn without being a fire hazard. Place your hands on either side of the unlit candle and close your eyes. State your intention aloud. For example you may say: “It is my intention to send healing to (person’s name)” or “It is my intention to attract a new romance.” Be as specific as possible with your intention.

2. Visualise your intention flowing into the candle from your hands. Really see the candle glowing with light. Know that once the candle has burned out, your intention will come true. Light the candle and let it burn completely until it naturally extinguishes. If it’s not safe to let the candle burn down completely, extinguish it and then relight it over the course of a week until it has burned down fully.

Optional Extras

You can give your intention an extra boost by including the following in your candle burning ritual.

To see results faster – Sprinkle some ground cinnamon in a clockwise circle around your candle.

To banish something – Get rid of a bad habit or banish negative energy by sprinkling some black pepper around your candle in an anti-clockwise circle.

To attract money – Draw a euro symbol (or three) on a dried bay leaf and place it beneath your candleholder.

To heat things up – is will only work if you are in a relationship. Sprinkle some chilli powder clockwise around your candle. When your candle has burned down, sweep the chilli powder into your hand then sprinkle a small amount beneath your bed.

Colour Correspondences

The colour of your candle gives extra energy to your intention. Always choose the colour that represents what you’re asking for to give things an energetic boost.

White – Peace, healing, this is an all-purpose candle that can be used to substitute any other colour.

Black – Protection, getting rid of negative energy, banishing something from your life, breaking a bad habit.

Blue – Emotional healing, peace, family harmony, getting rid of nightmares Green – Healing on all levels, money, finding work, grounding, recovery, pregnancy.

Red – Passion, lust, relationships, commitment, marriage, motivation.

Orange – Creativity, friendship, lifting a low mood.

Pink – Romance, attracting new love, true love, finding a soul mate, soothing children.

Purple – Spirituality, meditation, developing psychic ability, connecting with guardian angels and spirit guides, developing your intuition.




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