Instant magic


Often when we think of magic, we think of complicated rituals or spells that require a host of ingredients. The good news is that we live in the now age, and thankfully, charm casting has adapted to this. If you’re a fan of the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that intention is everything and the energy of the universe will flow where intention goes. The same is true of casting charms. Whether it’s for good luck or to attract a new love, here are some quick and easy charms you can try out right now. Remember, when it comes to this type of magic, you are the conduit, so the stronger your intention or belief, the stronger your results are likely to be.

Boost self-love – To feel more confident in yourself, rub a small amount of rose oil behind your ears and affirm: ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’. For best results try this every day for a week.

Protect your home – Sprinkle a mixture of salt and pepper across the threshold of your home to keep away any negative energy.

Attract love – Hold a small piece of rose quartz in your hand. Visualise it glowing with pink light and say: ‘I am love, I am loved’ three times. Carry the rose quartz in your pocket or on your person at all times. Every time you touch it, repeat the above affirmation.

Boost psychic ability – Tie three sprigs of lavender together with a purple ribbon and hang over your bed or place on your nightstand to boost your intuitive abilities as you sleep.

Keep pets safe – Tie a small amount of black ribbon to the collar of your pet (or on their cage). Visualise them surrounded by white light.

Cleanse your home – Stand in the middle of your house and call on Archangel Michael to cleanse, clear and remove all and any negative energies from your home. Open each window and door in the house and when you feel ready, close them and light a white candle. The atmosphere in your home should have shifted significantly and will feel lighter and brighter.

Send healing – One of the easiest ways to send healing to yourself or a loved one is to light a candle and ask the angels to surround you/them with their healing green light. If the person is seriously ill, personally call on Archangel Raphael and ask him to be with the person in question.

Boost passion – Place a small piece of garnet beneath your mattress.

Improve relationships – The next time you’re folding the clothes of your partner or children, fold love and white light into each item of clothing.

Turn your luck around – Going through a tough time? Change up the energy surrounding you by blessing everything, even your problems. All you have to do is conscious say, ‘I bless X’ throughout your day. Try blessing people, places, things and situations and watch how your day turns around.

Attract abundance – Keep the lid of your toilet closed. Yes, according to Feng Shui every time we flush the loo without closing the lid, we’re also flushing away all the abundant energy in our homes. So from now on try keeping the lid of your loo closed and see if it has a positive impact on your finances.



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