Who is Archangel Jeremiel?


His name means ‘mercy of God’ and he is the archangel associated with prophetic visions. He is recognised in the Eastern Orthodox tradition and appears in various religious writings. Jeremiel is also the archangel who watches over departed souls. He is sometimes known as ‘Ramiel’ and is said to inspire hope in all who meet him. 

What does Jeremiel look like?

Various writings and paintings have portrayed Archangel Jeremiel as having long light brown hair with a golden hue. Like all the male archangels, he is depicted as being incredibly tall and having an aura of purple light surrounding him. He has soft features and sometimes is described as being ‘without gender.’ Many people claim to have experienced Archangel Jeremiel simply as a blinding purple light without distinguishable features.

What is Archangel Jeremiel’s job?

The archangel of prophetic visions, it is Jeremiel’s job to carry visions from God to people all over the world. He is known as a powerful mentor and teacher and one of his other main roles is watching over the souls of the newly departed. Writings say that when we pass over, Archangel Jeremiel meets with us and helps us to review our lives before we pass on to heaven. Jeremiel helps us to see where we could have been more loving and kind to others and helps us to create a plan for our next life, if we choose to return.

Who can call on Archangel Jeremiel?

As with all of the archangels, anyone can call on Archangel Jeremiel for help. This archangel is particularly tied to knowledge and understanding, so you may feel his presence more if you call on him in a place of learning such as a library, a religious space or a room that contains books. Jeremiel is incredibly approachable and has a warm energy. He is incredibly compassionate and answers everyone who calls on him for his help.

What can I ask him to help me with?

You can ask Archangel Jeremiel for help with anything and everything. As an archangel, his purpose is to serve in love and he will always help once you ask. You can consult with him on general matters, however he is known as an expert in the following areas:

Psychic abilities – Jeremiel is fantastic at helping us to embrace and strengthen our innate psychic and spiritual abilities. Call on Jeremiel for help with using oracle or angel cards. Ask him to allow you to embrace your intuition or guide you to a psychic development class.

Dreams and visions – Want more clarity about a situation in your life? Ask Jeremiel to send you a dream or a vision about what you need to know. Jeremiel works with us when we’re asleep, as this is when we’re more open to our intuition. Before falling asleep call on him and state the situation that you want help with. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed so you can write down any dreams you may have. Jeremiel is also excellent at helping us to decode the hidden meaning of our dreams.

Life review – As the archangel charged with helping newly crossed-over souls to review their life, Jeremiel is brilliant at helping us to see where we need to make changes Ask him to help you review your life. Archangel Jeremiel will help you to take inventory, see what needs to be changed and help you to bring balance into your life.

How to call on Archangel Jeremiel

The archangels and angels don’t need any complex prayers or rituals to invoke their assistance. As long as you ask them for their help they will intervene.

How to recognise Archangel Jeremiel

You may experience a strong sense of security when you call on Jeremiel. People have reported feeling as though someone has placed a ‘warm blanket’ around them when working with him. His presence is very comforting and reassuring. You see a flash of purple or lilac coloured light. These colours usually indicate that his presence is with you.

Catherine Devane