Calling All Angels


We all have guardian angels. These are beautiful beings of light that have been with us since birth. Our guardian angels watch over us, protect us, help us and gently nudge us to exactly where we’re supposed to be. Due to the law of free will, our angels are not allowed to intervene in our life without our express consent, so it’s essential to remember to call on them and ask them for their help. Here are some simple ways that you can start calling in help from the angels today.

Simply ask them – It sounds incredibly simplistic but this is the easiest way to let your angels know that you need their help. All you have to do is ask them. You can say (silently or aloud) “Dear angels, could you please help me with (describe the situation).” As soon as your angels hear your request they will immediately start working on your behalf.

Write a letter – Sometimes writing down what we’re going through can help us to see a situation more objectively. You can also ask your angels to help you through the medium of writing. Get a pen and paper and begin your letter with “Dear guardian angel…” write down absolutely everything that is bothering you. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. When you’ve finished describing the problem or situation, include a line which says “Guardian angel I give you my full and total permission to intercede in this situation on my behalf. I welcome your help for my highest good and the highest good of all involved.” Put your letter in an envelope and keep it somewhere that it won’t be found. When your request has been answered, destroy the letter by ripping it up.

Carry a crystal – There are certain crystals that are deeply connected to the angelic realm and one way to ask for help is to use an angelic crystal as a worry stone. Choose a piece of Angelite or Celestite (you can buy these online or from your local holistic or new age store) and hold it in the palm of your hands. Ask the angels to bless the. Ask that every situation or issue you tell the stone be blessed with the healing energy of the angels. Every time you’re in need of angelic help, hold the crystal in your hands and tell it about what’s bothering you. You can carry the crystal with you at all times to invoke the assistance of the angels.

Burn some incense – For centuries smoke has been used to carry our requests to the higher realms for healing and help. Try lighting some beautiful incense and asking your angels for assistance. Visualise your situation of concern or your request for healing being carried up to the angels by the tendrils of smoke from the incense. Beautiful scents to try are sandalwood, rose, jasmine or frankincense.

Light a candle – Candles are fantastic tools for helping us to release and let go of things that are bothering us. Invest in a beautiful candle that’s going to be your ‘guardian angel candle’ (white, silver, light blue or pink are great options, or just pick a colour that calls to you). Take a pin and carve the words ‘I invite angelic help’ into the candle. Every time you have a request or a problem, light the candle while thinking about the issue. This will signal to the angels that their assistance is needed.

Ring a bell – Angels are associated with tinkling bells, as they represent joy. A beautiful way to ask for angel help is to use a small bell or a pair of tingsha cymbals. Hold the bells or cymbals in your hands and ask the angels to bless them. Ask that whenever you ring the bell, you automatically receive healing or angelic intervention.

Plant something – If you have a green thumb, why not try growing your very own ‘angel plant’. Choose a beautiful flower or plant (lavender is a lovely choice). Hold the seed in your hand and tell your angels that this will be their plant. Take care of the plant and watch it grow. Whenever you have an issue you need help with, sit with your plant and speak to your angels. This is a lovely visual reminder to have in your garden or home and will remind you to ask your angels for their help regularly.

Let it go – Often when we have a problem, we run over it and over it in our minds. By doing this we sometimes get ‘stuck’ inside the problem, making it hard for our angels to take the issue out of our hands. After you ask for help, allow yourself to be open to receiving it. Try your best to forget about the issue. Allow the angels the space they need to work their magic. Anytime you find yourself dwelling on the issue, simply affirm: “My angels are working their magic on this.”

Catherine Devane