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Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to seeing what the year ahead might have in store for you, you don’t have to be super skilled at the art of card reading. It’s actually very simple and something that you can easily do for yourself. In this article I’ll take you step-by-step through a year ahead reading so you can see what each month of 2019 is likely to bring your way.


·      A white candle (this can be as simple as a tea light)

·      Some matches or a lighter

·      A notebook and pen (to take notes)

·      A deck of standard playing cards with all the court cards (queen, king, jack and joker) removed, this is just to keep things easy

·      A quiet space to perform your reading, where you won’t be disturbed


When it comes to the art of card reading, it’s best to approach it with an open mind and an understanding that what the cards reflect to you is never set in stone. The cards just show you a snapshot of potential outcomes based on where you stand right now. However, these outcomes are subject to change based on the decisions that you make.


1. Gather everything you need. Sit and take some breaths. Allow yourself to settle. When you feel ready, open your eyes and light the white candle. When doing so you might like to set an intention such as: “May I know and understand the messages I am about to receive. May I be protected and may all information received be for my highest good.”

2. Consider the 12 months ahead and begin to shuffle the cards. If any cards ‘jump’ out of the deck, set them aside and read them at the end – they offer crucial extra information. When you feel like you’ve shuffled enough, fan out the cards in front of you and draw 12 cards, placing them in a circle, like the face of a clock.

3. Gather up the remaining cards and ask the question: ‘What is my overall theme for the year ahead?’. Shuffle the deck focussing on this question and then fan the deck as before and choose the card you’re most drawn to. Place this at the centre of your circle.

4. Now, work your way through each card, beginning with the card at the centre to find out your overall theme for the year. Then move to the one o’clock position of the circle and the first card you placed down – this is the card to represent the month of January, the two o’clock position is February and so on.

5. When you’ve finished your reading, simply blow out the candle, put the pull cards back into the deck.


Here are some standard meanings that you can use to help you interpret your reading. When conducting card readings it’s also essential that you trust your own intuition. Before you look up the meaning of a card, see what you think it means then compare your answer with the meaning below.


ACE – A passionate new beginning, a creative idea, a new opportunity.

TWO – A partnership, broadening your horizons, setting goals.

THREE – Your ship comes in, travel, vision, dreaming up big dreams and goals.

FOUR – Matters to do with the home (a house move, a renovation), people returning home, feeling a strong sense of stability, can often mean a marriage or engagement.

FIVE – Conflict, change, competition, instability, arguments.

SIX – Victory, success, a positive outcome, can sometimes indicate public acclaim, take pride in your achievements.
Having to defend your thoughts and opinions, standing up for yourself, persevere with the projects you’re working on, see things through to the end.

EIGHT – Events speed up, messages arrive out of the blue, unexpected visitors, news.

NINE – You’ve almost reached victory but it’s important to keep pushing ahead, an obstacle arrives at the final minute, more energy is needed, don’t give up.

TEN – Burdens, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, the need to let go of what you’re carrying, the need for rest and retreat. Can often signify a period of stress.


ACE – New love, an upsurge of romantic feelings, an emotional new beginning, happiness, joy.

TWO – A new relationship, an existing relationship is taken to the next level, an engagement or marriage.

THREE – Celebration, good news for the family, often associated with the birth of a child or a pregnancy, celebrate the things that are going right for you, reach out to friends.

FOUR – Instead of focussing on the bad, count your blessings. Gratitude will bring happiness but only if it’s practiced diligently.

FIVE – A loss occurs, allow yourself to grieve and then move on. Life will get easier.

SIX – Someone from the past returns, childhood memories, harmony, peace.
The need to make a decision and stick with it, creative ideas, having lots of dreams but lacking the necessary action to make them a reality.

EIGHT – Time to move on, something has turned toxic (a job, a relationship) and now it’s time to leave.

NINE – The wish card. A wish comes true. What does your heart desire? Make a wish and the universe will bestow blessings upon you.

TEN – Happiness, quality time spent with family, emotional fulfilment, joy, a happy marriage.


ACE – A good idea, an upsurge of mental activity, a new perspective arrives.

TWO – Stalemate, trouble making a necessary decision – trust the wisdom of your heart.

THREE – Heartbreak, grief, pain, something ends. Allow yourself to grieve and understand that this too shall pass. Reach out for help or support if you need it. The card of a survivor.

FOUR – A break is needed. Take some time out to rest and replenish yourself.

FIVE – Defeating enemies, winning a battle but losing in some way – you may have won the row, but what did you lose in the process? Betrayal. Choose to rise above and take the high road.

SIX – Travel over water, something reaches a natural conclusion. Moving from choppy seas to more peaceful waters.
Dishonesty, avoiding a necessary confrontation. It’s time to face up to whatever needs to be confronted. Serious conversations.

EIGHT – Negative thinking, feeling trapped or powerless. Recognise that you are completely in charge of your life. Step into your power and make solid decisions that will stop you from feeling like a victim. Do what you need to do.

NINE – Anxiety, poor sleep, the need to address whatever is bothering you.

TEN – An ending. Cut your losses and move on.


ACE – A new job or career path, getting accepted for a course of study, an influx of money, a windfall.

TWO – Life is busy, multitasking, juggling too many things.

THREE – Teamwork, building a solid foundation, put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.

FOUR – Worries about money, financial difficulty, seek help if you need it, practice the art of tithing.

FIVE – Feeling under the weather or left out in the cold, an unexpected expense or bill arrives, it’s a good idea to put money away for a rainy day.

SIX – Generosity, gifts, share your blessings with others, unexpected money comes in, good luck.
Growth, a positive outcome, doing the work to ensure a good outcome, good news regarding houses/buying property.

EIGHT – Further education, study, mastering something, gaining new skills, taking up a new hobby.

NINE – Independence, financial security, being self-sufficient, comfort.

TEN – Tradition, legacy, family matters, happiness, fulfilment.

Catherine Devane