Look at the stars


By Amy Wall

Want to know the best time to start a new project or sign a contract? Look to the stars. The ancient art of astrology is an easy way to discover the best (and worst) dates of the year to help you further your goals and enact positive changes in your life. The more you learn about what’s going on above, the more you’ll begin to see the impact that these heavenly bodies have on not only our own lives, but on the world at large. So what are the main astrological movements that you absolutely need to know about for the year ahead? Here’s all the big movements you need to be aware of.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde (or Mercury RX) is a biggie every single year and it’s something you should be aware of. Mercury rules communication, travel and technology and when this planet is retrograde you may find that gadgets suddenly give up the ghost, important emails get lost in the ether and everything you say gets misconstrued in some way. Of course being forewarned is being forearmed, so when you know Mercury RX is coming it’s a good idea to back up your computer, give yourself extra time to travel and complete projects, avoid signing contracts or getting married and maybe put off any expensive technology purchases until the planet is direct again. In 2019 Mercury RX occurs three times: From March 5 to 28, July 7 to 31 and October 31 to November 20.

Jupiter squares Neptune

A ‘square’ transit in astrology usually represents conflict, which can spell upset for us, however it is possible to work any transit to your favour if you know what to expect. This square can see us getting stuck in our daydreams and making impractical decisions. It’s also a time when people can bend the truth. The best advice for this difficult transit is to keep your wits about you and to trust your intuition – if something (or someone) seems off then chances are it probably is. During this transit avoid any risky behaviour or gambling as the odds will be stacked against you. The influence of this transit will be strongest on January 13, June 16 and September 21.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Last year jovial Jupiter the ruler of good luck and fortune changed signs into fun-loving and freedom-seeking Sagittarius. As Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, this is a very positive placement and while it began last November, it really starts to pick up momentum as we move through 2019. This placement is fantastic for anyone who has a Sagittarius sun, moon or rising sign. During this transit (which lasts until December) is a fantastic time for planning a dream holiday, taking chances, embarking on higher education and exploring your spiritual side. It’s worth noting that the truth will also be an important theme during this time and you may find that the truth reveals itself in a huge way. It’s important to remain honest and to live your life with integrity when Jupiter in Sagittarius arrives. It’s also a transit that is said to help people meet their one true love – just something to keep in mind. Be aware that Jupiter will be retrograde from April 10 to August 11. During this time it’s best to avoid gambling or taking any big scale money risks.

Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn is a transit that has been going strong since December 2017 but the energy gets kicked up a notch as we move through the next 12 months. Saturn loves being in Capricorn (it rules this sign) so this is a favourable transit for many (especially those with a Capricorn sun, moon or rising sign). This is the time to focus on your career and on levelling up in that area. Set huge goals for yourself, commit to them and watch the magic happen. Capricorn loves hard work so if you’re willing to put in the work to achieve your goals and get to where you want to be, Saturn in Capricorn will give you the help you need.

The eclipses

Eclipses are incredibly important when it comes to astrology. Every time an eclipse occurs you can expect the truth to come out and huge changes to take place. Eclipses always reveal things that are hidden to us and are a fantastic time to initiate change. If an eclipse happens in your own zodiac sign, its influence will be even more potent. Eclipses will occur on the following dates: January 5 (new moon eclipse in Capricorn), January 21 (full moon eclipse in Leo), July 2 (new moon eclipse in Cancer), July 16 (full moon eclipse in Capricorn) and December 26 (new moon eclipse in Capricorn).

Catherine Devane