What's happening in Soapland, February 11


Coronation Street
Abi is super loved up with Peter Barlow which, in my view, is always an entirely bad decision. She’s devo to learn that he’s accepted a sailing gig in Kefalonia in two weeks time. She later, unwisely, lashes out at Carla for keeping Peter dangling and unable to move on. How will Peter react? BADLY, that’s how. But then, he always does. He suggests Abi goes sailing with him. Foolish, Peter.

Later in the week, Simon is showing his mates around Peter’s boat but someone – we’re not saying who – knocks over the hurricane lamp and whoosh! Who started the fi re?

Carla finds Roy sleepwalking in the street and wants him to speak to someone about focusing on his grief. Oh we love Roy very much.

Someone finds a less than pleasing package on their doormat which details exactly which, er, close act, was filmed. Will they tell the other person involved? Or will they be forced to agree to yet another’s demands?

Shona has to play down what’s going on with Clayton when David gets suspicious. As she should.

Johnny and Jenny return to find Chesney and Gemma (#Chemma?) locked in the cellar. Gemma later causes little Joseph to swear. Oops.

Dev sends Mary to the rescue when Tyrone cannot juggle work and parenthood. You know, like a woman can. Kevin reckons Mary fancies Tyrone. Could it be true?

Tracy quizzes Amy on her 12-week scan but her daughter lies. Mammy T soon realises this and tells Amy that she and Steve will support her whatever she decides to do.

Vicky persuades Robert to give Tyler a job washing dishes at the Bistro.



Marlon convinces his BFF Paddy to attend the wrestling convention (a sentence I never imagined writing). Paddy bumps into Bear Wolf and tries to talk. Will he get what he’s looking for?

Sarah knows her mother is telling lies about her row with Grandad Cain while Faith wants family feuding to stop. Can she build bridges?

Doug’s finding it tough not to have any alone time with Brenda, and it’s all Laurel’s fault. Speaking of Laurel, she has money woes but Nicola might have a solution. Nicola too is having difficulties and she and Jimmy put on a front.



Mel gives Hunter a reality check about how much trouble they’re in (now you’re doing that, Mel?). Later, she’s questioned by police. Will she tell all?

Jean’s worried after an appointment but hides the news from Stacey.

Masood has a suggestion for Kathy but is it more than she bargained for?

Tiffany gloats to the other gang members but soon feels out of her depth.

Mitch tries to cheer up Bailey after she’s sent home from school while Max and

Rainie’s romantic night is interrupted. Elsewhere, Sonia has to break some sad news to Dot about Dr Legg.


Holby City

While Holly’s condition weighs on an emotionally invested Ange, Holly’s parents must put their differences aside to make a heartbreaking decision. But are they prepared for what lies ahead?

When new locum Chloe covers on Darwin, a smitten Cameron sets out to impress - but with a tricky patient keeping him on his toes, will he step up to the plate?

There’s no love lost between Xavier and Carole, so when a disgruntled Xavier is tasked with treating her it’s clear she’s not the only one in pain.

Eps 34 Charlotte is gutted as Paul’s plan works.jpg

Fair City

Paul’s put out when Charlotte makes a veiled threat to turn Oisin against him. Will Paul have a plan (of course) and will it be a success? (Unlikely.)

Renee is taken aback by Ellie’s anger. Later, Ellie’s relieved when Phoebe covers for her when buying a Valentine card.

Bela is conflicted about selling his house. Will he sell up?

Carol rows with Nora for not prioritising the Station and gives out to Cass for his selling from a skip (really). Deegan’s friends offer tough love, insisting he go to the clinic. Will he bother listening to them?

TG4 RnaR S23EIP47 Berni + Briain - fight-4.jpg

Ros na Rún

Coili Jackie is due in court to face charges of polluting the river, but he has no intention of going. Can anyone intervene to get him to go?

A photo of Jason and a new lady friend appears in a magazine. Cue Katy having to ‘fess up about their (lack of) relationship. Later, Dee’s annoyed when Mack invites Katy for dinner.

Tony is finding Berni’s rejection difficult to deal with, much to her annoyance. He has a plan for her to REIMBURSE him for costs he incurred while with her. The meanie.

RR03_189_Cathy_Belton_as_Patricia_Hennessy_-®Virgin Media Television_Ep_Red_Rock_Limited_&_Angel_Station.jpg

Red Rock

Keith is dithering about accepting Little Barry’s offer - and his mammy and daddy are at loggerheads about it. At least someone has an opinion on what to do - and makes a decision.

When an investigation is launched into the business deals of one Seamus O’Donovan, Patricia and Callaghan may be looking at fraud charges. How will she get out of this one?

Sean is enjoying the company of new housemate Irena, but they are aware of the major risks involved when a certain occupation meets another...

Aine Toner