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The Perfection
 Pillow, €89 Reflex, to buy visit

Each month the Woman’s Way team try out something new and give their verdict  

Louise - The Perfection 

I am not a good
 sleeper. I toss, I turn
and a lot of the time 
I’m just not able to
get comfortable,
 then in the morning 
I can be aching. On
 top of that I also snore, all of which also makes me a less than ideal person to share a bed with. Step forward the Perfection Pillow by Reflex. Designed by sleep expert Noel O’Connor the pillow is crafted in a specially formulated foam that will hold its shape while also providing support. It’s crafted to have a ridge in the middle with a dip each side to hold the head in place when sleeping on the side or back. There’s also a gap at the bottom where you shoulder can fit so your head and neck are held in alignment without pressure on other parts of your body. In the past if I’ve changed my pillow I’ve woken up with aches as my body adjusts. With this, I didn’t! Now, the ridge in the middle does need a little getting used to, but it feels really supportive cradling the head, and I found that I drifted off feeling comfortable. My shoulders definitely feel less stiff in the morning and my neck don’t creak and crack so much. It sadly didn’t elimate my snoring completely, but certainly reduced it (according to my fiancé). Considering we spend eight hours every day sleeping this is an investment I’d be more than willing to make.” 
€89 Reflex, to buy visit

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Amy’s dad, John Wall - Hurricane Fur Wizard

“We have a Labrador which is one dog breed that sheds a lot – even a hoover is useless when it comes to dealing with that much hair. Needless to say, it can be a nightmare trying to keep the carpet and furniture clean. I loved the Hurricane Fur Wizard. At first I thought it was a
 gimmicky product but when I used it, I
was surprised by how effective it is. It’s 
very quick and easy to use – you just run 
it over the carpet or furniture and the 
bristles pick up the hair and dust. It’s much easier than scrubbing the floor with a brush or a hoover. The carpet was left hair-free. It’s also very easy to clean the product. All the loose hair is kept in the product’s base and you just empty it into the bin without any hassle. I highly recommend it if you have a pet that tends to shed a lot.” €23.99 from JML

Kettlebells class at FLYEfit, Dundrum

Kettlebells class at FLYEfit, Dundrum

Michelle - Kettlebells class at FLYEfit, Dundrum

“I find the idea of going to the gym a little intimidating, so instead I’ve been trying out some classes and a few weeks ago I did kettlebells at FLYEfit, in Dundrum. I had never done a workout like this before and knew it would be pretty full-on, but being in 
a group setting takes some of the pressure off, as I wasn’t the only beginner there on the night. The class was only a half an hour long but it was an intense 30 minutes. We started off with stretches which are really important - especially if you’re anything like me and your body had no idea what was about to hit it - and then we moved onto using the actual kettlebells. There were a few different weights to choose from, depending on our individual strength. After each exercise, we were given a minute or so to catch our breath and have some water. Towards the end of the class we were divided into groups and completed the end of the session in pairs. This was good as it keeps you accountable if you’re not giving it your best shot, but it’s also a nice way to meet someone new. Our instructor Lauren was fantastic as she was really encouraging, explained each move in detail and had some helpful suggestions for the newbies. I’m not going to lie, I did feel the effects for a few days after, but no pain, no gain. I will definitely be back!” Kettlebells class at FLYEfit Dundrum, €10 (without membership). For more information see

Copper Stone Pan from €29.99

Copper Stone Pan from €29.99

Áine - Copper Stone Pan

“Getting someone who is a notoriously bad cook to road test a pan is either the best or the worst idea. I’m much more of an oven cook – stick it in, leave it, collect it, eat it. But 
even I was impressed with the
 copper stone pan. Firstly, it’s
 quite weighty which for me is
 good thing, suggesting there’s 
less chance of me burning it to
 bits. What’s more, when cooking 
omelettes or fajitas (these are my
 go-to pan recipes) you don’t need oil
 or fat to start cooking. That is of course 
very healthy but also means less mess to clean
 up – result! I found the pan heated up quickly, quicker than my one regulation pan, and non stick really did mean non stick. I’ve watched the advert where a fried egg slips off onto a plate and didn’t really think it would happen – but it did (I may have danced a bit when that happened). The pans are available in three sizes so depending on what you’re cooking, or how much you’re cooking, these would be perfect.” For more information, log onto, from €29.99

Michelle Newman