What's on the box this week?


Monday, February 4
Silent Witness
BBC One, 9pm
Nikki is humiliated in court, when a barrister accuses her of making a serious error in the case of a policeman who may or may not have been murdered. Meanwhile the team investigate the death of a medical researcher, found in a canal, with mysterious puncture marks on his body.


Tuesday, February 5
Eco Eye
RTÉ One, 7pm
In this episode, Duncan Stewart will examine the future of flooding in Cork city, as sea levels rise due to climate change. He’ll interview those for and against a planned sea wall, and investigate possible hard and soft engineering solutions.


 Wednesday, February 6
Cleaning Up
ITV1, 9pm
Sam’s gamble may have paid off for now, but it throws her into deeper water. Sam and Swanny grow closer together as he entrusts her to make a large investment for him. Sam is seduced by Swanny’s glamorous and risky world, and goes to desperate lengths to pull off the extraordinary task. 


Thursday, February 7
Death in Paradise
BBC One, 9pm
In this first episode of a two-part special, a shadow is cast over a small fishing community in the village of Belle Mer when their festival queen 'Mama D’Mer' Tiana, is murdered while alone on a boat minutes from her celebrated arrival at the annual Mahi Mahi festival.


Friday, February 8
ITV1, 9pm
Will is settling into the new routines of his life in Grantchester: sermons and services in the church, working the punch bag at the gym, and suffering sniping comments from Leonard in the vicarage. 

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Saturday, February 9
The Secret Life of the Zoo
Channel 4, 5.30pm
A power struggle unfolds on chimp island as young pretender Carlos challenges dominant male Dylan. When Asian short-clawed otter Wallace is struck down by a mystery illness, the vets find a large pebble in his stomach. Has his stone-juggling habit got the better of him? 


Sunday, February 10
Call the Midwife
BBC One, 8pm
Poplar welcomes a brand new cervical cancer-screening clinic to the Institute and Dr Turner, Shelagh and Trixie are pleased to be part of the exciting new venture.

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