Mothercare will pay VAT on car seats during March Safety Month

Save money on the Mothercare Milan Highback Booster Car Seat

Save money on the Mothercare Milan Highback Booster Car Seat

This March, as part of Car Safety Month, Mothercare is cutting the VAT cost on selected car seats.

Ensuring your children’s car seats are fitted correctly is required by law and it could save your child’s life. The Car Seat Experts in every Mothercare store fit new car seats and check existing ones for free all year round, regardless of whether you purchased the seat in Mothercare or not (as long as the type of seat is available in Mothercare to ensure the car seat experts have received training from the supplier.)

Mothercare has 101 Car Seat Experts in their stores and they receive consistent and regular training by Mothercare and their manufacturers. Each expert is insured to fit your car seat for you and will provide free advice in-store, online and on social to assist parents and guardians select the car seat best suited to their child, their car and lifestyle.

So, if you need to know what i-size or ISOFIX is, they’ll be there to help!

Things to keep in mind when selecting a car seat include:

-       The height and weight of the child

-       What type of car you have

-       Will there be other children in the car

-       How often will the car seat be used?

For more information or to check out March Safety Month offers see

Michelle Newman