Why choose just one egg this Easter?

Egg Blenders-1.jpg

Blank Canvas have half a dozen colourful reasons to update your make-up kit…

Good news for all of you who don’t love chocolate but do love a good beauty tool,  the clever folks over at Blank Canvas might well have created the perfect egg for you this Easter -  actually make that six eggs.

Egg Blenders-6.jpg


Half a Dozen Eggs, a set of six airbrush blender sponges, are shaped like an egg and stored in cute packaging. The blenders are latex-free, making them perfect for creating a flawless base for your make-up. Available in bright and bold colours, the blenders can be used for applying foundation, baking, setting or even touching up your make-up on the go!

Priced at €25, pick up yours while stocks last.

Michelle Newman