Reader fiction: Shade and light


So everyone knows from their own life island, when they reach the something part of forty, all isn’t and maybe wasn’t as it seemed, or seems. Not necessarily a bad viewpoint. I am no psychologist, and, as each day passed in my office job as a storyteller, I began to realise all the stories I was writing for fiction segments were screaming back at me to write my own life story. Real.

The shade of my life up to now had matched perfectly to the light had I been an abstract artist. All the light involved in my life had led me to the one track I chose to ignore for a long time because of my shade. The way a light shines that no one fully sees when you give to a person, with no pre meditation. When you see an older person trying to push a trolley to their car, the wheels wobbling and they need just a nudge. I nearly stopped seeing those wobbly trolley wheels, and why, because I was so selfish that I couldn’t put aside my woes for a moment to help, denying the two people the give and the help. That wonderful feeling you get when you help someone in an accidental way or otherwise. Nothing on this earth can beat that.

I am not going to let myself forget to do that because I am too busy. Too busy doing what? Isn’t that the right kind of too busy. Whether or not the help is accepted is irrelevant. Helping and giving is just that. No one can persuade me otherwise. The light and the shade is life itself. One without the other means nothing is fixed or learnt without it. My soul reaches to give whenever I see a person. Does yours?

I am a teetotal woman, I live each day with a prayer and I work, like many. I have learnt up to now a little, and have much more to learn and listen too. I have seen the inspiring women and men that have helped to make the light in the world today. Where would anyone be without them? People that have fought in wars, worked through so many more hardships than some of the present population. I see the people in countries not well off financially that smile more than their western counterparts, when they have no food or the hope of it for themselves or their children. I often ask myself do they have light and shade. They definitely have light far stronger and so indefinable because they have a faith.

We that have a meal on the table each day we have light, we also have a chosen shade sometimes though our lacks. This is my latest story for my editor on life in general. I don’t know if it will be seen as a work of fiction. I have to submit this now before the deadline, so I am hoping it will be seen in its true light and shade. Smiling is the light through the shade. Wobbly wheels rule don’t you think. Thank you for reading my draft before submission. You are now the editors of your light in life or shade. Bye, bye.

Woman's Way