Marking L’OCCITANE'S Green Day

A prototype of a vessel able to recycle plastic

A prototype of a vessel able to recycle plastic

L’OCCITANE has partnered with Plastic Odyssey, a three-year expedition on the world’s first vessel fuelled by plastic waste. With an estimated 1,000,000 marine animals, fish, birds and sea turtles dying each year when trapped in plastic – or eating it – the team at Plastic Odyssey will visit the three continents most affected by plastic pollution, promoting solutions that will reuse and recycle. Soberingly, if we don’t tackle single use plastic now, the oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

"We are facing an environmental crisis and companies need to do more than reduce their impact on the planet. They have a responsibility and can be a driving force pushing to find real, concrete solutions to repair the damage done to nature. As the main sponsor of Plastic Odyssey, L’OCCITANE en Provence is supporting a project focused on transforming plastic waste into a resource and thus helping to develop a new economy,” says Adrien Geiger, Global Brand Director. “We're proud to be the main partner, for a duration of five years, and to be part of this incredible human adventure for the good of mankind."

Woman’s Way attended a press breakfast in London earlier this year to learn more about the brand’s commitment to Plastic Odyssey. We were intrigued to learn that the vessel – a floating plastic recycling point – will generate power on its 40,000 nautical miles, 30+ stopover journey. It’ll collect, sort and recycle plastic on board – any non-recyclable plastic will be converted into fuel (did you know that 1kg of plastic can be converted into 1 lt of fuel?). Not only is this undertaking significant, the team will provide the chance for people to prevent pollution at source, developing specific recycling tools for each community to meet their needs.

To raise awareness of the expedition, today is L’OCCITANE’S GREEN DAY. A hefty €15 from any refill sold today in L’OCCITANE will contribute to its Plastic Odyssey partnership. The brand is committed to limiting its impact on the environment where possible – even down to the fact that it has never offered plastic bags in store.

The team in WW is so impressed with both the expedition and L’OCCITANE’S commitment to sustaining the earth.

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