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Beauty and skincare expert Neelu White on what to do before the big day

Look after your skin
Prioritise skin care over make-up: without good skin, even the best make-up won’t look good enough. You have to take care of your skin first. Every bride wants luminous skin and I do a prescriptive treatment for all my brides. My most popular treatment here is the Radio Frequency (RF) Facial along with a deep exfoliating facial. The RF facial is a non-invasive, pain-free way to help achieve a more toned, lifted and smooth appearance. Radiofrequency delivers heat energy into the skin which stimulates collagen leaving you with a firmer, lifted, tightened complexion. Flawless face begins with really clean skin. Be religious about cleansing your skin both in the morning and at night with a very mild cleanser like the Le Mieux Phyto Marine Lotion

Renew skin with a mask
Masks are a wonderful way to treat specific skin concerns, whether it's dullness, clogged pores, or moisture loss. Whatever your skin type, find a mask that works for you and relax with it on a few times per week. Le Miuex have excellent skin firming and eye firming masks that will tone and treat the skin.

Skip the junk food
We've all heard the phrase "you are what you eat," sugar-laden and greasy foods can wreak havoc on your complexion (think inflammation and acne), so I recommend cutting back on both to avoid unexpected flare-ups leading up to the big day.

Neelu offers skin and body solutions in a professional and plush environment, see for more details

The dos and don’ts: bareMinerals international make-up artist SJ Froom on your bridal checklist


  • Do wear a white or cream t-shirt for your trial depending on the colour of your dress. You need to have enough make-up to compensate for the whiteness of the dress (usually enhancing eyes is best way to do this).

  • Do make sure you have a shade match for your foundation to check it’s EXACTLY the right tone for your complexion, especially if you are planning a spray tan, you will need a darker foundation. bareMinerals barePRO Performance Wear Liquid offers 30 shades of their long-wear foundation, so there will be a shade for every skin tone.

  • Do start using a great skincare regime at least three months before the wedding, if you don’t already.

  • Do make sure you use a good primer to ensure make-up stays on all day.

  • Do mattify the T-Zone for wedding pictures. Keep skin dewy on outer areas of face, however shine on T-Zone doesn’t look good in pictures. bareMinerals barePRO Powder Foundation compact comes with a handy mirror and sponge applicator, for touch ups throughout the day.


  • Don’t wear too much make-up. Remember that your partner wants to recognise you. Try not to go for make-up looks that are too extreme.

  • Don’t do a fake tan the night before, it could go streaky, do it a few days in advance.

  • Don’t wear lip-gloss if you are wearing a veil over your face as they will stick together and mark the veil.

  • Don’t wear too much heavy foundation, that may look nice at a photoshoot but not outside in daylight, remember less is more.

  • Don’t book a make-up artist for the day only, always have a trial first.

How to get the make-up you want: Top Irish make-up artist Lyndsey Cavanagh on communicating the look you want


“Look at different bridal make-up looks and pick a few images that you really love. This gives your make-up artist an insight into what style of make up really appeals to you. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of make-up inspiration. Create your very own mood board using Pinterest (it’s really straight forward) use this to illustrate the style, mood and feeling you wish to recreate on the day. If you don't know exactly what you want, creating a board will really help you narrow it down. By pinning images that you like, you will start to see a recurrence and this will highlight the type of makeup you like best.”

What to say in your consultation

“When meeting with your make-up artist for a consultation give as much information about your skin as you can, for example if you have any skin allergies, irritations or sensitivity. This helps your make-up artist decide what products will be best for you. If there's something you really don't feel comfortable wearing, make sure to communicate this to your make-up artist, like strong brows or heavy eyeliner. This will help your make-up artist fully understand your preferences and style.”


•Book a trial. Make sure to get a trial with your make-up artist. This will be of benefit to you both. It gives you the opportunity to hone your look, you can see exactly what it will look like on the day and just how well it will last, you will feel relaxed knowing what to expect. 

•Honesty. Be open and honest with your make-up artist. After your trial you might wish to change something and that's absolutely fine, that's what the trial is there for. Tell your make-up artist how you honestly feel and if you want to make any changes. It's your day and your artist wants you to feel fully confident in how your make-up will be.

•Communication. If there are any changes to your original plans, let your make-up artist know as soon as you can. If you want to add or remove another person from your booking inform your artist so she can amend the running order for the day and give your artist as much information as possible regarding the others in your wedding party. 


Last minute bride: Beauty buff Laura McLoughlin on last minute saves

I have left my skincare to the last minute – what are the shortcuts to wedding worthy skin?

“If you have left your skincare to the last minute, I don’t recommend getting any sort of peels or heavy intensive skincare if you have little time. Look for bridal glow facials offered by salons that are not invasive to the skin or reactive. I would use products high in hyaluronic acid and brightening agents as much as possible. I would steer clear of trying any new products eight weeks before your wedding and if you’re not a regular exfoliation gal, then don’t start before your wedding unless you have months to shed all the dead skin.  Patch test anything you are trying for the first time on an area that won’t be visible in case of reaction. Use your therapist and get as much guidance from them as possible. The best advice is to nourish the skin as much as possible: eat less sugar and processed foods, avoid over eating fruits and stick to your green vegetables. If you’re not great with the vegetables and water intake, cheat by taking specialist skincare supplement that will even out tone, hydrate and plump and reduce fine lines and wrinkles  We would suggest a diamond facial to all our brides: it is rich in vitamins A, C, and E which brightens the skin, fights free radicals and leaves the skin illuminated. Real diamond powder and 32 anti-ageing active ingredients deliver instant skin regeneration and radiance while soothing and detoxifying the complexion.”

Laura McLoughlin opened her multi-award-winning Burgundy Beauty salon in 2008, aged just 24, and since then has grown her business to become south Dublin’s most highly credited salons, counting beauty influencers and editors among her many clients. See for more


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