Capsule wardrobe


Black trousers

Perfect for… Going to work, going out after work, general wanting to look smartly dressed. Simply place with a glitzy top or white shirt and everyone will know you mean business.

Black dress

Perfect for… There’s a different shape and fabric for all but if in doubt, opt for a wrap dress. It oozes femininity and will show off your waist. 

White shirt

Perfect for… Work and play. We love a crisp shirt with a jumper in a luxury or snuggly fabric, or opt for a skirt and shirt combo as seen on the catwalk.


Denim skirt

Perfect for… Perhaps not something for everyone but a denim skirt is a must-have in our wardrobes. It’s handy for days when you want to look slightly dressy plus it works with boots. Win/win.



Perfect for… You may prefer a V-neck, you may prefer a round neck, whatever neckline works for you, a jumper in a bright colour will work wonders on the res of your wardrobe. Plus, obviously, it keeps you warm.


Roll neck

Perfect for… Oh so elegant, a roll neck will work under a shift dress (if you’re so inclined) or with trousers or jeans.



Perfect for… Once you find a basic T-shirt that you love, buy it in as many different colours as you can. It is invaluable in terms of what it’ll go with.



Perfect for… A plain coloured tunic top may not be the most dramatic thing in your wardrobe but teamed with a statement necklace or a great jean and you looked pulled together. 


Tank top

Perfect for… Much like a T-shirt, vests, camisoles or whatever you choose to put under your jumpers, make sure they fit well and give you room to breathe. Equally, if you love them, buy them up. 



Perfect for… Throwing on to a denim look and looking instantly more stylish. We’ve opted for a neutral one but whichever colour and fabric works for you will work for your wardrobe. 


Camel coat

Perfect for… Camel is super chic and this would be deemed a ‘good coat’ by all. 


Denim jacket

Perfect for… Equally if you’re looking for a casual coat, a denim jacket can work with a black dress, jeans, skirts and spring dresses.



Perfect for… Much like black dresses, jeans are entirely personal so you’d need to try on a few to find a perfect pair. We’ve opted for skinny jeans but straight leg is a pretty good option for all body types too. 


Pencil skirt

Perfect for… If you buy one skirt, make it a pencil skirt. It’ll cinch in in the right places and give you a gorgeous shape, plus it looks great with shirts, jumpers and tops. 


Nude heel

Perfect for… Well it works for Kate Middleton (!). She understands that a nude heel will give the impression of a longer leg and that can’t be a bad thing. 


Black heel

Perfect for… Even if you’re a fan of heels, keep them under your desk in work or in your wardrobe and these will dress up all outfits in seconds. 



Perfect for… You don’t have to purchase an expensive pair but a loafer really is having its day. 


Ankle boot

Perfect for… For jeans, trousers and even with a casual dress, an ankle boot can be as high a heel height or as low a heel height as you like. 



Perfect for… A big bag is essential for the ‘must-haves’.



Perfect for… Evenings out, events where you don’t need the ‘must-haves’ contained in your tote.



Perfect for… Maybe it’s not as important in your bag wardrobe (yes, we’ve a bag wardrobe) but it’s perfect for shopping trips plus it’s closer to your body if you’re cautious about being robbed. 



Perfect for… Wrapping up when it’s cooler, using as a scarf, funnily enough, a pillow, a blanket, a wrap, a cushion…


Statement necklace

Perfect for… Everything looks better when it’s decorated with a pretty necklace.

Cashmere jumper

Perfect for… Luxury, feeling luxurious and adding a sense of luxury. Did we say luxury enough? Honestly, it’s the item you’ll have forever and ever in your wardrobe so the cost per wear is minimal. 

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