Drop a decade

If 50 is the new 40, and 70 is the new 60, then it’s time to look the part. Here are some simple tricks to turning back the clock.

Eyes up
When it comes to eyewear, it’s time to up the ante. Whether it’s reading glasses or sunnies, a cool pair of specs will wipe years off you. So step away from the discount supermarket set and invest in a pair that suit your skin tone and face shape. Tortoiseshell is a classic choice and available in most shapes. Narrow frames suit a round face, while round styles suit a square face. Lucky ovals can pull off any style. 

Top tip: Don’t forget your hair colour: Blondes can carry off clear acetate frames while brunettes can wear bold colours. If you’re silver styling, go for a punchy shade like wine, teal or emerald to avoid looking washed out.

Set your smile to stun
They’ve been doing the business for almost a century and our tea and coffee habit means our pearly whites aren’t so pearly anymore. Yellow teeth are instantly ageing but restoring their youthful whiteness is easier and cheaper than ever. Look for a salon that offers a custom fitted tray such as MyDental’s home whitening system as the more comfortable it is the more likely you are to wear it. 

Top tip: Avoid lipsticks with yellow or orange tones as they can bring out the same colour in your teeth. Look for lippies with cool undertones. If in doubt, skip the coral and pick a dark berry shade. 

In the red
Red and ruddy - high colour is the calling card of middle-age. Remember the days when we used to pinch our cheeks to get that flush of pink? Not anymore. Sun exposure, our nightly tipple, broken blood vessels and rosacea can cause our skin to become red and inflamed. Neelu White takes a holistic approach to skin wellness, suggesting diet and lifestyle changes that can help to restore that youthful glow. Her Lumi facial is the first step on the road to radiance. It used LED light therapy to treat hyperpigmentation, sun damage and rosacea. Blue light regulates sebum production, green light decreases dark spots, red light triggers the production of collagen and yellow light heals. 

Tip top: Sulphates are a foaming agent found in shower gels, face wash and shampoo that can irritate skin, causing it to become red, bumpy, itchy and sore. Check the ingredients of your beauty products for sodium laurel sulphates and look for sulphate-free alternatives.  

Hit the ground running
Turning back the clock can be as easy as sidestepping the slip-ons in favour of a funky runner. Trainers are no longer the preserve of the sporty squad, they’re an accepted form of footwear virtually everywhere and are an easy way to update your look. Skip the wedge boot and skinnies combo and try the uber futuristic Amara sports luxe trainer in silver. The pops of flouro add extra kudos. Still think runners aren’t office-appropriate? Go for glitter. The Jollie glitter lace up runners in black or pink will look chic at work with black capris and a smart sweatshirt.   

Top tip: Look for bright colours and luxe fabrics like leather or suede when choosing off duty runners. This is the time to steer clear of white as they soil easily and can look cheap. 

In the jeans
It’s time for a denim overhaul. As an item that you may wear regularly, like a great haircut or cool glasses, it should make you look and feel fabulous. Consign ill-fitting, shapeless jeans to the bin. Too short? They’re out. If they bunch around the ankle but look great on your legs and rear, have them altered while wearing an on-trend metallic loafer or Chelsea boot. The slim cut jean isn’t going anywhere and a pair with stretch is a smart choice. Golden Spiderweb’s navy jeggings have a mid-waist rise and straight leg and contain elastine for comfort. 

Top tip: Don’t try to slavishly follow trends – leave the rips and frays to the young ones. Instead look to making them your own: a turned up hem on a looser style, worn with a kitten heel is aeons cooler that an ankle-busting stiletto.

In living colour
A shock of blue, a slash of scarlet, a purple punch: a vibrant splash of colour will add light to your face, instantly giving you a glow. Those with dark cool tones – bluish veins – look great in jewel tones such as royal blue, emerald and fuchsia. Light cools – natural blondes – should look to lavender, mint green, and pastel blue. Earthy tones like olive, mustard and cranberry suit redheads with dark warm tones, while strawberry blondes can wear peach, coral and blush with aplomb. 

Top tip: If the idea of going full-on technicolour is a bridge too far, look to a patterned scarf in luxurious cashmere or merino wool – it’s close to your face so will bounce light there, eliminating shadows – it’s great for hiding any lines too. A red bag is a colourful contrast to a black blazer and the tassles on this Gionni style adds a touch of fun.

Hands off
While we lavish care and attention on our face and neck, we often neglect our hands. Harsh detergents in soap and washing up liquid can dry out our hands. Dehydration can make our mitts crepey, but the main ageing factor is sun exposure which causes brown age spots. Experts recommend using SPF30 on our hands every day and reapplying every time you wash or are exposed to sunlight. Or you could keep a pair of gloves in your handbag or car and pop them on when heading out for a walk or going to work. Paula Rowan’s Sienna gloves are a simple and stylish option.

Top tip: Have a tube of hand cream on your desk or in your kitchen and reapply regularly. AS well as an SPF, look for one with glycolic acid to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

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