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Charlotte Bradshaw and Leslie Healy of Salonetwork

Charlotte Bradshaw and Leslie Healy of Salonetwork

Salonetwork is a new, free social networking platform specifically for Ireland’s booming hair and beauty industry from hairstylists to MUAs to therapists. The first of its kind in Ireland, Salonetwork was founded in January by Charlotte Bradshaw of Dublin hair salon, Dylan Bradshaw, and Leslie Healy, a serial entrepreneur who recently sold her multi-million euro loyalty agency. The idea was inspired by the historic problems in the industry such as unlicensed operators and unregulated services, along with more recent issues such as recent VAT hikes and talent shortages in specific areas. 

The free-to-use, social networking hub can be accessed on desktop and mobile and is targeted at the entire industry from make-up artists, hair stylists and nail technicians to aestheticians, wellness experts and therapists. By providing a dedicated hub for beauty professionals across the country to connect and collaborate, Salonetwork aims to bring about a lasting sense of community within the industry.

The platform makes it easy to share or search for available jobs, increase bookings to specific educational courses and post or find upcoming events. The ‘Courses Hub’ allows users to list the upcoming courses they are running – an increasingly popular way professionals earn an additional income within the industry. Salonetwork will launch its own range of bespoke webinars later this year.  

“Having travelled across the country meeting industry professionals at events and awards for over 20 years now, I know that some of the industry issues that existed years ago, still exist today,” explains Charlotte. “For example, on one hand there are staff working without contracts and on the flip side there are business owners paying over the odds for professional services such as legal or HR advice.

“It’s here that Salonetwork can really make a difference. If we all pull together as a whole, the industry would have a lot more buying power and ultimately protect the most vulnerable in the industry and allow everyone the chance to grow.”

Co-founder Leslie Healy, an experienced entrepreneur who recently sold her own business, a marketing and loyalty agency, said: ”Ireland’s hair, beauty and wellbeing industry is thriving, but there isn’t a one-stop-shop as such where business owners, be it a freelance makeup artist or a busy salon, can come together to share experiences, learn from each other and access tools and services that will help them to grow and scale their businesses.

“We decided a social networking platform was most-suited to the purpose of Salonetwork as it’s a familiar concept that instantly creates a sense of community and allows for collaboration. We want our users to proudly share their successes but also not be afraid to ask for help where it’s needed hence why the platform’s services range from the Jobs Hub which streamlines recruitment to our Elite Membership packages which connect businesses to trusted suppliers and must-have documents such as contracts and office policies.”


Salonetwork is now inviting hair, beauty, wellbeing professionals, industry leaders and suppliers to sign up by visiting  For more information visit or @salonetwork on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn 

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