From Nell McAndrew to Sara Cox, this is how celebrities like to spend their downtime

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By Hannah Stephenson and Gabrielle Fagan

Linda Nolan loves to hangout at bingo

"I have a lie-in on Sundays - I love my bed. I'll normally have bacon
and eggs for breakfast, which is a throwback to my childhood in
Blackpool, as my mum used to cook us bacon and eggs on Sundays.

"Then normally, I'll meet up with some of my family and we'll go
somewhere for lunch. My sisters live close to me in Blackpool, apart
from Coleen, who's in Cheshire. In the summer, my great-nieces and
nephews come along and we go to a place where there are trampolines and
a little kids' funfair outside.

"Then in the evening, myself, Maureen, Anne and Denise go to bingo. We
love bingo. We still go on a Sunday to the Mecca in Blackpool. We never
win. We lose big-time and we stay to the bitter end. It's our little
treat. Our mum played bingo all her life. I remember being a kid and
we'd sit beside her eating sweets in an old cinema where bingo was held.

"Coleen doesn't like bingo. She and Bernie [Linda's late sister] never
liked it. Bernie used to say, 'I'd rather watch paint dry'. And Coleen
said she had the back of her fridge to lick!"

Greg Wise loves the great outdoors

"We [Wise is married to actress Emma Thompson] don't really have
[regular days off], as self-employed people. But if I did, my favourite
day would be spent up in Scotland where we have a cottage. It would
include a big long sweaty humph up into the hills, probably in the
wintertime, on a nice crisp day, getting really exhausted. This would be
followed by having a sauna and jumping into the river, possibly breaking
the ice, and then drinking the local fine ales in front of a roaring
fire with some chums."

Amanda Barrie plumps for football, TV and friendship

"On a heavenly Sunday, I'd wake up late - probably about 10am. Breakfast
has to be a bacon sandwich. If we're at our home in Somerset, I'd have a
swim in our pool, and then throw a ball around for our dog, Coco. If
we're in London, I'd probably go shopping. I'd have to do that on my own
as Hilary [Barrie's wife] hates shopping.

"Hilary's an excellent cook and we'd have her brilliant roast lamb and
gravy. In the afternoon, I'd have a seat in the director's box with all
my family around me and see Manchester City beat Manchester united,
15-0. Then I'd play it again and again on repeat on TV to savour the
moment. You are born a Man City supporter - it runs through your veins
and it's bluer than the royal family. Being one of their fans is like
being part of a family.

"In the evening, we'd watch three episodes from a favourite series of
the moment and then I'd ring up all my best friends for a gossip. We'd
go to bed to watch telly and be up there by 9pm. We save up three
episodes of series and watch them in one go."

Nell McAndrew would enjoy family and me-time

"I'd get up early and have a run, because that's a brilliant start to
the day and is my routine. Then I'd come home to a cooked breakfast with
the family - my husband Paul, and the children, Devon, 11, and Anya, 4.
After that, we'd go off to the countryside for a picnic and meet up with
lots of friends. I'm hopeless at sitting around, and I love to be
outdoors and busy.

"The biggest treat at the end of the day would be to have a long,
luxurious soak in a bath. I'd light scented candles, put on music, have
a glass of champagne and create that spa-like atmosphere, so I could
really chill out. That used to be something I always enjoyed when I was
single, but I haven't done that since I've had the children. Then I
might settle down and read a book - another pleasure that I rarely get
time to enjoy."

Sara Cox would escape to a far-flung beach

"My eldest daughter, Lola, 13, could repeat this perfectly, because
whenever she's mithering and nagging me saying, 'I want this or that or
the other', I retort 'Well, I want to be lying on a beach in Mauritius
with a good book and a Pina Colada, but I can't have that, so there you

"If I could transport myself there, that would be my dream. I'm not a
mean mum, so the kids could come, but they'd have to play 100 yards

"In a real world, I'd enjoy a lie-in. Now the kids are getting bigger,
they can go downstairs and find their own nourishment, and my husband
looks after the cat and the dogs. I like to disappear and get some
exercise - we have a rowing machine, TRX straps and yoga mat, and I have
an app on my phone which tells me what to do. I jump around for about
half an hour.

"I love a Sunday roast, but I've got over that a bit, because I slave
myself away peeling and roasting, and then I feel I have to make the
kids eat it. So instead, we like a snack lunch with bagels, salmon and
egg mayonnaise, and there's no pressure. Or, even better, I'd cadge
lunch of my in-laws who live nearby. And in the evening, somehow the
kids' PE kit and homework would magically be sorted without my lifting a
finger - now that would be a dream!"

Catherine Devane