'I'm having the time of my life'

Anthea with stepdaughter Claudia

Anthea with stepdaughter Claudia

From Blue Peter presenting in the Nineties to taking part in reality programmes like Dancing on Ice and The Jump and presenting her current show on Radio Scala, Anthea Turner has had many exciting roles in her career.

But the 58-year-old says that being stepmother to Lily, Amelia and Claudia - her three stepdaughters from her marriage with ex-husband Grant Bovey - is what really brings her joy now.

"Being a stepmum for me is one of my favourite roles. I love all three of my stepdaughters and we have a great bond," she says.

"I wasn't lucky enough to have my own children but I knew I would adore these three little girls who were quite young when they came into my life.

"I'm so lucky to have them in my life despite the fact that their dad and I are no longer together."

That strong bond is evident in photos from a Mother's Day fashion shoot in which Turner stars with Claudia, alongside fellow TV presenter Alison Hammond and veteran model Jan de Villeneuve.

"It was a fantastic day working with some amazing women and their children," Turner says of the shoot for JD Williams, the brand which focuses on fashion for 'midster' women aged 40-plus.

"I am really enjoying my midster years which, for me, have involved starting a new chapter as a single woman and I'm actually having the time of my life.

"I think it's often a time for women to put themselves first for once so it’s a special stage of our lives."

For Turner, who lives in Surrey, that means making health and wellness a priority by going to the gym two or three times a week, but also indulging in foodie treats now and again.

"Moderation is key. I'm naturally quite a healthy person but I enjoy a glass of wine most days and a plate of chips once in a while - I just don't do it every day," she says.

So how is it that the bubbly blonde has stayed looking almost as youthful as in her Blue Peter days?

"Be careful in the sunshine, drink water, get lots of sleep and look after your gut - don't underestimate the importance of gut health," is what she puts it down to, plus regular visits to see Lino Carbosiero at Daniel Galvin hair salon.

"You just can't beat a great haircut," Turner says. "He's been my hairdresser forever and, yes, I have had versions of the same haircut for a long time but that's because it suits me and my hair type which is naturally very curly - stick with what works I say!"

As for her enviably smooth complexion, she credits Dr Weber by Bodyvie skincare products because: "I believe in science meeting nature... you need to marry the best of both areas to get the best results."

When it comes to make-up, the presenter has a 'less is more' approach, favouring quality (but, for the most part, affordable) products and a natural look.

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