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We’re chatting to the lovely Lucy Kennedy. Here’s a sneak peek from our cover interview.

Lucy Kennedy is in flying form when we catch up for a chat ahead of the launch of series two of Ireland’s Got Talent. Lucy says she’s, unsurprisingly, super excited for the show’s return.

“I’m so excited and it’s the second series so it is bigger, better, louder, brighter and more exciting. I think we’re all, and I say ‘we’ being myself and the judges, we all feel more confident in our roles. Obviously we know each other a year longer. The talent is greater, I think,” she says.

“For the first series, like many and most series, I think people wanted to just suss it out and see what it was actually like. I think people thought it might just be a ‘diddly eye’ talent show and I think they realised that it’s up there with Britain’s Got Talent. It’s the same format, it’s the same company, Simon Cowell is the boss so I think people say that it’s serious. So the auditions and the audition tapes doubled.”