20 health questions With Nutramino brand ambassador Vogue William

Vogue Williams spills the beans on all things health and fitness


1.     Have you always had an interest in health and wellbeing?

As a model, health and wellbeing were always things that I had concerned as you had to look your best in front of the camera or at an event. And while my perception of health & wellness has intensified, it has actually changed as I believe that strength & fitness go hand in hand with my mental & physical health.

2.     How important is health and fitness to you?

It’s as important to me as sleeping and eating, as I incorporate training into my daily routine it’s now become second nature. I’m a firm advocate of eating well, better health also comes with balance depriving oneself of that bag of jellies or a little of what you fancy is counterproductive.

3.     Would you say that you enjoy working out and eating well? Why?

I do actually. Over the years I’ve found what works well for my body and eating well keeps my mind balanced and body feeling great. I don’t always wake up excited to go work-out but I never regret getting out of bed. You need to find something that is enjoyable otherwise it’s too easy to stay in bed!

4.     What’s your go-to healthy dish?

My go to easy-to-make meal is porridge with nut butter on top and some berries, teamed with a protein shake. I’m up early to train, so I need to refuel my body with good fats, protein and carbs to help keep me going for the day and help repair my muscles post training.

5.     What’s your go-to guilty pleasure food?

When I’m home I always have to get either a chipper from my local or a Chinese take-away. You just can’t beat a good chipper in Dublin and life is about balance.

6.     What’s your favourite type of exercise and why?

I like to train six days out of seven and in order to keep me motivated I need to mix it up. At the moment it’s a combination of running, boxing and personal training. My favourite would be the strength and resistance training, as I’m learning so much about my body’s capabilities which in itself is quite rewarding.

7.     Do you think it’s important to have a good balance in life when it comes to healthy eating/staying fit etc.?

Absolutely. You have to enjoy life and not be too strict on yourself. I’m all about the 80/20 rule.  80 percent of the time I eat quite healthy with loads of protein and veg, plus carbs. The other 20 percent of the time I won’t deny myself something sweet.

8.     Do you ever have days where you struggle to make health a priority?

You know I’m working to get to a stage whereby I don’t even have to think about health as it will totally be part of my lifestyle and as natural a thing as breathing or getting out of bed in the morning.  I’ll probably never get there 100% but I like to set myself goals.

9.     How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

I enjoy training, but I don’t always jump out of bed. More often than not I rely on a Nutramino HEAT for some extra energy. Honestly, it has been a saviour on more than one occasion. Plus I am a creature of habit so I like to have my playlist and training week planned out. I find if I get myself organised the night before then getting up to train in the morning is easier.

10.  How important is it to factor in time to look after your mental health?

Extremely, especially as we all spend so much time on social media.  It’s nice to switch off occasionally, which I will admit I find hard, as I love chatting to my Instagram friends and seeing what my mates are up to.


11.  What’s your favourite way to mind your mental health?

I’ve actually started yoga, and am loving it. To be honest it took me a little while to relax as I was concentrating on the poses so much! Like yoga, balance in my day-to-day life is key. Once you settle your mind and you move into a good steady flow then you really experience the mental and physical benefits.

12.  Do you engage in any other self-care practices?

I like to read, and I really enjoy early nights midweek with Spencer.

13.  Being in the public eye, do you ever feel under pressure to look a certain way?

I used to, but with time comes confidence and I realised that it’s better to enjoy the present, love your body and skin you’re in and to leave those insecurities in the past.

14.  What’s the secret to feeling comfortable with being in the public eye?

You know, I think the key is to be happy. This shines through more than we realise sometimes. One thing I’ve noticed from other great Irish female role models is to be real, be relaxed and to be confident in yourself. Plus it helps to have an amazing glam squad to help get you ready for red-carpet events.

15.  Do you drink alcohol? What’s your favourite drink?

I do, I love a cocktail, especially when I’m on my holidays. This year I completed dry January, I loved waking up feeling fresh on a Sunday and seeing the benefits in my training.  I actually loved it so much I’m going to carry it on for another month.

16.  Has your approach to health and fitness changed in recent years?

Yes, I think so, I have always tried to be fairly healthy and to stay fit. Yet, I’m much more focused on my training, I want to look after myself to maintain a balanced mind, life and personal well-being.

17.  What are your three top tips for staying in good health?

    Rest – always listen to your body and give it time to recover

    Water – I drink about 2-3 litres a day, plus I don’t drink coffee at the moment and have           noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin

   Move your body – find a class that you love to do and makes you feel great. The feeling after completing a class or a run is worth every bit.

18.  What’s your weekly health and fitness schedule like?

Usually I’ll do my strength and resistance training sessions in the morning and I try to run about three times a week, plus a boxing class. I recently discovered K-Box in London and love it.

19.  What’s your life’s philosophy?

Do what makes you happy.

20.  What’s the best piece of advice that you ever received regarding health and wellbeing?

After I injured my knee skiing last year, I had to rest a lot. My physio was fantastic, and he taught me that with time my body would recover and how to listen to it. It was the first time I’ve injured myself and not been able to train, which was a total shock for me as I’m always on the go. I had to learn to slow down a little in order for my body to recover.

Catherine Devane