How to... look after your smile


What’s your dental care routine like? For many of us the extent of our routine starts and ends with brushing our teeth twice a day and while this is a great start, there are some other things you should be doing to help you look after your smile.

Make sure your brush is proper – Brush your teeth twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste but make sure that you’re brushing properly. On average we only brush for about 50 seconds. In reality we should be brushing for a solid two minutes. Try setting a timer on your phone to help you clock up those all-important minutes.

Yes, you need to floss – Brushing only gets to the plaque on the surface areas of the teeth. In order to clean the sides of each tooth, you need to floss. Ideally you should floss once a day. Experiment with floss to find one that suits you best.

Keep up your hygienist visits – Dentists recommend that you should see a dental hygienist every three to six months, depending on what your own dentist suggests. Think of a hygienist visit as a deep clean. These visits help you to keep things in tip top condition yourself between visits.

Pay attention to your teeth – Make sure that you regularly inspect your teeth and gums yourself. If you notice that your gums are bleeding, that a tooth is loose or if your gums are receding then you need to book in a visit with your dentist.

And keep up your dentist visits too – You need to see your dentist regularly. Make sure you keep up those appointments every six months. By staying on top of these visits, your dentist is able to spot any potential issues before they get worse. It’s also a great way for you to get advice on how you can care for your teeth at home or if you should be using different dental products etc.

Catherine Devane