Want to form a habit? We can show you how!


Usually we have bad habits that we want to kick to the curb because we know we could be doing much more productive things with our time. But sometimes there are those good habits that we want to make a regular thing of.

Here are some helpful ways to make sure they become part of your daily routine.

Where to start:

There’s certainly a knack to it. It generally works best if you work on it a little bit at a time whilst remembering what your target is.

1.  One at a time

Remember to concentrate on only making one ting a habit at a time. This will mean that you’re less likely to be distracted and will have more determination to keep going. Thus, making you much more likely to succeed.

2.  Set a time frame

This is a personal choice and will depend on the amount of time you can afford to dedicate to your task at any given time. Generally working within the timeframe of about one month works, but you might discover that you don’t even need that long.

3.  Make it an add on

This means joining your new habit up with an older one. For example if you are trying to get into a better skincare routine, aim to use a facemask on a Friday evening after cleansing.

4.  Step by step

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and this way you are much less likely to fail. Aim to remain consistent and have realistic, achievable goals.

5.  Back up plan

What are you going to do on the day that you genuinely aren’t able to stick to your commitment? If you don’t have a back-up plan in place then you might be tempted to sip back into old habits rather than continue with your new one.

6.  Who will you answer too?

If you let others about your plan to stick to a new habit and tell them how you plan on going but it, then you are accountable to someone and might be more eager to stick with the plan. If you feel as though other people are tracking your progress you won’t want to let them down.

7.  Reward the good

If you have an incentive scheme in pace then you will be anxious to get your reward when you feel that you really deserve it. When you have managed to stick with your target for that week or that month, then treat yourself to something nice.

8.  The (not so) new you

Don’t look at starting a new habit as a new you; instead try to remember that this new achievement is just a part of who you are, as a person. Your new habit is just an extra!

Catherine Devane