Developing your intuition


What is your gut instinct? Your gut instinct refers to the feelings that you get about situations or people around you. These feelings actually come from your loved ones in the spirit world who are helping you to make decisions and who are guiding you in the situations that are going on around you. In this day and age it’s more acceptable for people to just think of it as your ‘gut feeling’ but it is indeed feelings and guidance that you are getting from the spirit world.

There are many different ways in which you can develop your gut instinct. Here are a few that we would recommend:

Meditation – Messages from your intuition (or spirit) tend to be quiet, so spending time
in silence will help you to hear and interpret these messages. Meditation is not for everyone, but for those of you that like it, it is a great way to take yourself away from your day-to-day worries and troubles also.

Consult angel oracle cards – Learn to use a deck of angel cards. ese are great for asking questions to get help with your intuition. Shuffle the cards, ask them a question and you will
be told when to stop shuffling. Listen clearly and do this in a quiet space.

Spend time in nature – is is one of my favourite ways to hone in on my gut instinct. Being away from technology like computers or anything electrical like televisions is the best way to really listen to your gut. I personally take a walk in nature or by the sea. Clear your mind and ask out loud in your head what you are wanting answers for. Listen carefully.

Sleep – is is also one of the best times to listen to your gut. Just before you nod off your brain has slowed down and is more relaxed. When you get into bed, think about the things that you need help with. As you go to sleep you will notice that you’ll hear things more clearly.

Test your hunches – Do you often get feelings about people and things that are going on around you? Do you maybe feel that your friend’s partner is not to be trusted? Do you feel that it will rain tomorrow even though the weather report says it’ll be sunny? Write down any hunches that you feel and check later to see if you were right.

Engage in things that you love – Do fitness, run, cook, play a musical instrument, do anything that takes you away from the everyday mundane things in life. Doing things that you enjoy, can calm the mind and open up your intuition.


Take Three … Essential oils to boost your intuition

Clary Sage – Fantastic for helping to increase the power of the ‘inner eye’. Burning some while you get in touch with your sixth sense encourages clairvoyance or ‘clear seeing’ meaning you may experience visions of your future.

Frankincense – Helps to open the seventh chakra – the crown which represents our connection to the divine and when it’s opened we can commune with the divine, the angels, spirit guides and more.

Patchouli – Fantastic for divination or fortune-telling. Simply burn a few drops before you use  a deck of cards or a pendulum and this oil will help you to interpret what you divine.

Catherine Devane