Wellness Wednesday: The health benefits of playing an instrument

Did you know that playing a musical instrument comes with a host of added health benefits? It might be time to revisit your piano playing…

Take three… Health benefits of playing an instrument

1. It’s a powerful way to reduce stress – Playing an instrument puts your focus and energy on a positive, creative activity that makes other people happy. This focus helps to reduce your stress levels and can even lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

2. It improves your hearing – Learning to play an instrument refines your hearing and trains you to pick out certain sounds. Various studies have found that people who play an instrument are better at picking out specific voices and sounds in a noisy environment.

3. It’s great for your brain health – Playing an instrument has been likened to doing a workout for every area of your brain. As well as improving your memory and your ability to think and form connections, there’s a growing body of studies that show music can help to speed up the recovery from stroke and slow down the onset of dementia.

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