Wednesday tarot: Your free reading for March 6

Your intuition is a powerful thing and if you’ve been drawn to click onto this page, then this reading is for you. Take a moment to relax. Allow your shoulders to drop. Take three deep breaths and, when you feel ready, scroll to see your message. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.




When the Knight of Swords appears, he councils patience and taking a pause before you take action. This Knight has a bit of a reputation for bringing drama and questionable decisions with him so this week it’s a good idea to be cautious. Take some time to think before you respond. Take some time to really feel into a decision before you make you. Above all, remember that it’s okay to pause and breath before you dive in. When this Knight appears, things have a tendency to speed up and get busier. You may find yourself struggling to keep up this week but as long as you keep your head and breathe, you can enjoy the excitement of this Knight’s energy without any of the negative consequences that he’s famed for. It’s important to note here that when court cards appear they can represent different things and each interpretation will be completely different depending on the sitter. So this week the Knight of Swords may show up as an energy (as outlined above for you) or as an actual person (think a person who loves nothing more than creating a bit of drama).

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The deck featured in this post is the Morgan-Greer Tarot in a Tin. This is an ideal deck for beginners. Bright and colourful, it’s easy to read with, small enough to shuffle and comes in a handy tin.