Wellness Wednesday: How to treat a bad cold

Cold and flu season is in full swing out there and it’s likely to continue until the end of next month. If you’re currently smothering with a bad cold, here are three simple things you can do to help you feel a little better.


Take three… Ways to treat a bad cold

1. Stay hydrated – This should be cold management 101. When you’re under the weather and suffering from a runny nose or a temperature, your body is actively losing water. Therefore it is so essential to keep yourself hydrated. You can drink juice or broth but plain old water is probably the best option. Also, it’s probably a good idea to avoid any drinks that might increase your dehydration levels as this will only make you feel worse. This means taking a pass on coffee, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks until you feel better.

2. Rest up – When you’re sick, your body is literally working overtime to get rid of the virus or bug working its way through your system. If at all possible, give yourself ample time to rest up so your body can do its job. If you’re really feeling unwell, don’t force yourself to go to work. One sick day where you sleep and rest up can help you to shift your cold faster than forcing yourself into work every single day.

3. Take some honey – If you have a sore throat or a cough, natural honey is one of the best soothers out there. If you have a sweet tooth, take half a tablespoon before bed or, if you struggle with the taste, stir it into a cup of hot tea or lemon water. You can also give honey to children although it’s important to check this with your GP first and you should never give honey to a baby younger than one year old.

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