Noelle's wellness diary

Each week, our Commercial Manager Noelle will write about her wellness journey which she is taking alongside WW Ireland

Not the week as I planned, up half a pound, but it could have been worse as did not track my food. I  should be able to shift it and hopefully lose another  one as well. Did manage to get into a pair of trousers that I haven’t been able to in a year so that was good and motivated me to keep going.

Fiona has some great recipes and very tasty so just need to keep an eye on my portion size and not go too over. I love my food and lots of it I haven’t a sweet tooth so it is the  old fashioned meals with meat and two veg so as long as I stay off the bread butter I should be good to go and get in my walks as the days are getting longer and brighter now.

Have a good week!

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