Wellness Wednesday: Soothe a stuffy nose


Suffering from a stuffy nose and don’t want to reach for the over-the-counter decongestant just yet? Here are three top tips that might be able to help easy any ‘stuffed up’ feelings you may be experiencing.

Take three… Ways to breathe easy

1. GIVE YOURSELF A MASSAGE – Massaging your sinuses can be a simple way to give yourself some relief from congestion. Simple place both of your index fingers on the side of your nose (where the nose and cheek meet) and massage with a moderate amount of pressure. Do this for a few minutes and you should experience some relief.

2. USE SOME WATER – Ask your pharmacist for a nasal irrigation product. Sometimes flushing out your sinuses can do the trick without having to resort to medication. Simply stand over the sink and wash out your sinuses. You should notice immediate relief after doing this.

3. GET SOME MOISTURE IN THE AIR – Use a humidifier or hold your head over a pot of warm water and inhale the steam deeply. The moisture in the air will help to thin out the mucus, which in turn will help to soothe that blocked-up feeling.

WHAT NEXT? If none of the above offer you any joy and your blocked nose is still driving you mad, then it’s worth paying a visit to your pharmacist who will be able to recommend some over-the-counter medicines and remedies.

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