Noelle's wellness diary

Each week, our Commercial Manager Noelle will write about her wellness journey which she is taking alongside WW Ireland

What a beautiful spring week in between the hail showers. I even got out into the garden and got the grass cut the first of the season during the week

All the windows open let the fresh air in. My dog does not know what has hit her as now we can go for proper walks in the evening as the days get longer.

I do however need to get good at tracking my food as I am abysmal at it and then leaving it to chance albeit that the food I am eating is good I am probably eating too much so have to watch my portion size along with the tracking. So this week I will track my food. I am pretty boring, a creature of habit, loving my porridge and honey for breakfast and salad or soups for lunch and a very decent evening meal with protein and two veg and sometimes a sneaky glass of wine or two at the weekends with my dinner. 

Mother’s Day was lovely and I hope everyone was spoilt rotten and for the mums who are no longer with us it is a time to remember the good times.

Hope you have a lovely week and well keep you posted

For information on WW, see or use #wellnessthatworks @ wwireland @wwfosullivan

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